Matt Bites illustrates My Life is a Series of Liquids (Serious Eats)


David v. Goliath

Via Atlantic Food Channel: The Nimans on the lesson of swine-flu.


What Was Your Favorite After School Snack?

Yodels, Ring Dings and Little Debbie Cake Rolls. Check out this Blogger Boggle via Endless Simmer.


That's Italian

In Risotto Rising, the WSJ eats Italian by way of Tokyo."Michelin Guide awards one star to seven Italian restaurants and two stars to another, buttressing the claim commonly heard here that Tokyo boasts a generally higher level of quality than Rome."

Change Your RSS for Appetizers

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Smoked Meat vs. Pastrami

Which is better: Katz's pastrami or the smoked meat at Montreal's Schwartz's? Robert Sietsema investigates.


Make your Oven Pizza-Worthy

With firebricks and tile, the Los Angeles Times shows you how to make pizza -- really good pizza -- right in your own home.


The Hooterization of Baristas

Are sexy baristas the new breastaurants?


A Modest Proposal (on Behalf of Babies)

What if fancy restaurants designated an early, once per week "baby seating" so that families could dine without guilt (of annnoying others) and everyone else could dine in peace?


In a Down Economy, Candy Is Up

Candy makers and sellers are profiting despite the economic downturn.


Kitchen Garden Reactions: Fashion, Race, and Alice Waters

Monday morning quarterbacking the White House Kitchen Garden groundbreaking: Slate questions Michelle Obama's clothing choices, Obama Foodorama considers what it says about race, and Alice Waters is impressed.


Schools, Fast Food Chains Make for Unhealthy Neighbors

Looking at body-fat data from more than 1 million California students over eight years, researchers have found a direct link between obesity and the physical proximity of fast food restaurants to schools.

Pop Star Makes Music, Mozzarella

In his spare time, pop singer Jesse McCartney makes hand-made mozzarella.


Fat Duck Closure Blamed on Virus

Norovirus, not food poisoning, caused diners at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck to become ill, temporarily closing the restaurant.


Napping With Jean-Georges

Life is easy at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Westchester weekend home.

Breaking: White House Vegetable Garden. OMG!

Yes, there will be butterhead lettuce, and it will be grown on a 1,100-square-foot plot on the White House South Lawn. Somewhere, Alice Waters is high-fiving Michael Pollan.


Scanned Sandwich Smackdown may be the current darling of the online food cognoscenti, but asserts it was first in scanning sandwiches and posting them on the Internet. Via Grub Street.


Sweet Potato Cobbler

Saveur's recipe for sweet potato cobbler.


Kellogg Wants Tougher Food Safety

Reeling from millions in losses due to the recent salmonella outbreak in peanut butter, the Kellogg Co. is urging Congress to strengthen food safety policies, revamp the current bureaucracy, and install a food safety leadership position in the Health and Human Services Department.

Forget Olive Oil, Eat More Elk

Danish scientists are touting the benefits of a "Nordic diet" that is as healthful -- if not more so -- than the much lauded "Mediterranean diet."