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2006 Guide to Holiday Gift Guides


Clueless about what to buy for your culinarily inclined loved ones? For your material pleasure, The Food Section has scanned the pages of food magazines, newspaper food sections, and food websites to bring you the list to end all holiday gift lists -- the 2006 edition of The Food Section Guide to Holiday Gift Guides, a collection of links to recently published articles on gastronomically-minded gifts for the holidays.

Cookbooks and Other Food Reads
»Holiday Books: Cooking [New York Times]
»Settling in, Glass in Hand, to Read of Wine [New York Times]
»Cookbooks: Two Cups of Joy and a Pinch of Comfort [NPR]
»Best of 2006: Twenty books from 2006 that made the cut [Leite's Culinaria]
»The Best Food and Drink Books for Holiday Gifts [John Mariani]
»Gift Cookbooks [Washington Post]
»Tasty Tomes: The Year's Best Culinary Novels [epicurious]

Things to Eat and Other Food Stuff
»Holiday Gift Guide: Sparing the Reindeer With Help From a Mouse [New York Times]
»Gadgets galore for the giving [San Francisco Chronicle]
»40 Divine Gifts for ’06 [Food & Wine]
»12 Incredible Edible Holiday Gifts [Food & Wine]
»Top 10 Test Kitchen Discoveries [Food & Wine]
»Wine Gifts: An Expert’s Best Advice [Food & Wine]
»Gourmet's Online Gift Guide [epicurious]
»For the Pork Fiend [New York]
»Holiday Gift Guide [101 Cookbooks]
»Let Them Eat Mail-Order Cake, Cheese and Pudding [NPR]
»Gift Guide [Time Out New York]
»Keepers: CHOW's Holiday Gift Guide [CHOW]
»Five bottles for the boss [New York Daily News]
»Digital Delicacies [New York Daily News]
»How to Buy New York Food Gifts Without Pants [New York]
»Holiday Gifts [Cravings]
»Gizmos and Gadgets for the Newest Foods [New York Times]
»Gifts for the Nanogastronome [Wired]
»Chocolate Gift Guide [serious eats]
»Eat, Drink, and Be Merry [Cookie]
»Clotilde's Kitchen Toolbox Part I, Part II, Part III [Chocolate & Zucchini]
»For the Oenophile Who Has Everything [New York Sun]
»Gifts for Your Rooms: Kitchen [shelterrific]
»Holiday Gift Guide [Cooking with Amy]
»Last-minute Gifts for Cooks [Tiny Banquet Committee]
»For the Good Stocking [New York Times]
»Eater Gift Guide 2006: Part I, Part II [eater]
»Glittering last-minute gifts that will delight [Los Angeles Times]
»Have Yourself a Cranky Little Christmas [The Gurgling Cod]

See also: The Food Section Holiday Gift Guide.

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I think that included in this greatest gift roundups should be http://www.diningfever.com. The site is regularly updated with excellent discounts for dining out in NYC. I recently took some family to Arte Cafe on the upper west side. Our bill was almost $200 and with the discount we received 20% off for a savings of $40. Great for when you need to take out your out-of-town guests without breaking the bank!

Posted by: ctb1010 at Dec 11, 2006 7:38:07 PM

I've posted a list of all my favorites too! My list includes Kitchen Gear, Edibles and Food-Inspired Indulgences I have given or gotten.


Posted by: Amy Sherman at Dec 14, 2006 1:56:40 AM

I might as well add mine to the pile:

Posted by: Tiny Banquet Committee at Dec 14, 2006 10:16:12 PM

Great roundup! Might I also recommend the Lower East Side BID's Shopping and Dining Guide. It's free through December 31, and has discounts at tons of LES shops and restaurants. It's easy and it's thoughtful...You can just order one at www.lowereastsideny.com

Posted by: D at Dec 18, 2006 10:47:13 PM

Even if you haven’t taken a cross-country fast food odyssey or eaten out with friends who pack their own gourmet salt, you can show your Frank Bruni spirit with an "I am Frank Bruni" t-shirt, designed by tastingmenu.com. If you’d rather not wear your statement like a foodie superhero, you can order it on a messenger bag instead.

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