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Epicurious ranks top five disgusting food words.



twecipes (noun): Extremely abbreviated recipes, published via Twitter, that provide cooking instructions in no more than 140 characters.

The Observer reports:

Twecipes "There is a growing trend for people, including some leading chefs, to create micro-recipes - a single paragraph that tells users how to make an entire starter, main course or dessert - then transmit them via Twitter."

The concept is the basis for Twecipe, a new service and upcoming iPhone app that provides recipes via Twitter in response to queries with lists of ingredients.

See also: @twecipe, @twixologist, @cookbook, @tinyrecipes, and @gracepiper.



re⋅cess⋅i⋅pes (noun): cost-saving recipes for cooking in a recession economy, most likely prepared by a recessionista.

ABC News reports:

IStock_000005011628XSmall"Times are tough, and many of us are rediscovering the benefits of a home-cooked meal. The folks at the Food Network discovered that recently more people are searching the network's Web site looking for recipes that are easy on the waistline, as well as the wallet. In response, the Food Network has created what it is calling "recessipes" -- meals that will leave both your stomach and bank accounts full."

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