The Corkcicle Chills Wine from the Inside Out


Will the Corkcicle make wine buckets obsolete?

When the device -- made of non-toxic gels enveloped in BPA-free plastic -- is frozen and inserted into a bottle of white wine, it will chill the bottle in about 45 minutes (it takes 10 minutes to cool a bottle of red to optimal serving temperature).

$23 at [via Food52 via Gizmodo].


The Girl Scouts Go Local With "Locavore" Badge

SL_Cook_FinalThe mission of the Girl Scouts is to "build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place," and in a nod to the local food movement, that now includes eating local. As part of a new program released October 1st to honor the organization's 100th anniversary, the Girl Scouts has launched a "Locavore" badge.

"All of our badges reflect what today’s girls said they wanted to know about -- girls are interested in what they eat and how it affects their health and the environment, so the Locavore badge gives them a chance to delve into those issues in their communities," said Alisha Niehaus, Executive Editor, Program Resources, in an email. "Plus, what’s more fun than making your own food, and truly knowing it from farm to table?"

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Miniature Food Rings


SouZouCreations' Food Rings feature extremely detailed miniature plates of of food set on adjustable silver tone bands. Pictured here is a dish of uni and tobiko sushi with soy sauce and a cup of green tea. Other designs -- made from plastic, glass, metal, and ceramics -- feature everything from traditional Japanese dishes to breakfast and dessert.

$10 to $12.50 each at the SouZouCreations etsy shop.


Chalkboard Canisters

91886_A2_Chalkboard_Canisters These ceramic Memo Canisters have matte "labels" where you can identify the contents using erasable chalk (included). Airtight plastic lids keep contents fresh.

Made in Germany. Dishwasher safe.

Set of three canisters is $40 at MoMA.


A Cutting Board for the OCD Chef

Fred's OCD Chef Chopping Block (that's OCD for "obsessive chopping disorder") will bring your food prep to extreme new levels of precision.

Beechwood, measuring 9 x 12 inches.

$28 at The Spoon Sisters.


Making the iPad More Kitchen-Friendly

Chefstand Designed specifically for use in the kitchen, Belkin's Chef Stand + Stylus ($39) is aimed at solving the problem of using a tablet while your hands are messy from cooking.

The stylus enables you to page through recipes without having to touch the screen, and the case-compatible stand has a non-slip rubber base and two different angles for propping up the tablet while cooking.

While the stand and stylus are not dishwasher-safe, both may be washed by hand with soap and warm water.


Food Ink: Kitchen Utensil Temporary Tattoos


Tattly's Kitchen Utensil Temporary Tattoos feature hand-drawn illustrations of a knife, whisk, wine opener, and box grater.

$5 for a two sets of tattos at Tattly.


The Duet: French Press Meets Tea Infuser

It's a tea infuser. it's a coffee press pot. It's a tea infuser and a press pot.

The Duet French Press includes two separate interchangeable rods: one attached to a stainless steel French press mesh filter and the other a stainless steel tea infuser basket. The tea rod also features an interesting notched design that allows you to pull it back and lock it at the top of the pot to prevent oversteeping. Come to think of it, that would be a good idea for coffee too.

$44 at Horne.


Fruit Art: Summer Fruit and Winter Fruit Posters

Winter fruit Los Angeles-based artist Claire Nereim's new Summer Fruit and Winter Fruit posters celebrate seasonal fruits.

The Summer Fruit poster features drawings of stone fruits and berries, while the Winter Fruit poster features citrus varieties, pomegranate, and pear. "I love eating seasonally," says Nereim. "And hope to encourage people to remember what's being harvested (and is therefore most delicious)!"

The posters are hand-screen-printed, signed and numbered (19x25", editions of 270) on recycled cover-stock paper.

$50 each at Claire Nereim's etsy shop.


Food Blotter: Deranged Hamburglar Steals Raw Meat

Hamburglar According to the Cumberlink Sentinel, a Carlisle, Pennsylvania man faces felony charges after police said he was seen eating raw meat from off the shelf of a Walmart store.

Police say that the man, Scott T. Shover, 53, opened packages of raw ground beef and raw stew beef in the store, ate some of it, placed the opened packages back on the shelf, and then walked out of the store without paying for any of the meat. "Shover was arrested at Taser point without any further issues," according to police.

Shover's record showed that he had four previous retail theft convictions.