Is Pumpkin the New Bacon?

Semiotics, sugar, and spice are at the heart of pumpkin's surge in popularity.

Trends: Fast Casual Pizza

Using Chipotle as their model, "fast casual" pizzerias are an emerging trend.


Too Much Bacon?

Has the bacon trend gone too far?


Camp Cuisine

Summer camps are getting a gourmet overhaul.


Manufacturing the Flavor of Street Food

Powdered Korean tacos, anyone? Synergy, a manufacturer and supplier of flavors and yeast extracts, is launching street food-inspired seasoning blends for snack foods.


Fried Chicken with the Soul of a Chip

"Ip'ns," fried chicken dishes "designed to be dipped or ripped" are big in the fast food world.


Kids: "Fussy" is the New "Principled"

Kids who would have been called "fussy eaters" a generation ago are now considered to be "'principled." What's going on, asks the Guardian?


Big in Japan: Soft Serve Beer


Kirin has launched a machine in Japanese restaurants that freezes the head of the beer into something that resembles soft-serve ice cream.

The frozen head -- made only of beer without any added ice or water -- will keep the beer cold for at least 30 minutes. This exceeds the average of the 22 minutes it takes drinkers to finish a pint according to a Kirin survey (Japanese imbibers must sip their beer very slowly).

Watch the video to see how one is made (scored to "New York, New York"):

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"Très Brooklyn”

Food trucks, cupcakes, and burgers are trendy in Paris.


International Meat Smackdown

Country by country, Luxembourg's residents consume the most meat of any nation.