Rome Bans Food Around Ancient Sites

The mayor of Rome has issued an executive order that makes stopping to eat or drink in the city center to prevent damage to historic landmarks.

Most Fattening Travel Destinations

According to a recent survey of British travelers and weight gain on vacation, visitors to Greece put on the most pounds (3.3 pounds during a 10-day visit), while the U.S. ranked fourth. On the other hand, travelers to Ireland, Canada, and Germany found that they lost weight.

Mile High Wines

Not all wines are suited for drinking at high altitudes.

Cool Off with Shave Ice Pasta

A Tokyo restaurant called Fresh Pasta Monster is serving a "Shaved Ice Fresh Pasta" for a limited time to beat the summer heat. The dish is comprised of fresh pasta topped with frozen tomato sauce.


Tea Service Gets a Makeover

Visiting London's trendiest modern tea houses.


Big in Japan: Soft Serve Beer


Kirin has launched a machine in Japanese restaurants that freezes the head of the beer into something that resembles soft-serve ice cream.

The frozen head -- made only of beer without any added ice or water -- will keep the beer cold for at least 30 minutes. This exceeds the average of the 22 minutes it takes drinkers to finish a pint according to a Kirin survey (Japanese imbibers must sip their beer very slowly).

Watch the video to see how one is made (scored to "New York, New York"):

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The World in a Bowl

BBC News picks the top 10 soups to savor around the globe.


Train Fare

In praise of Grand Central Station's Oyster Bar and Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, "grand invitations to a railway journey, however long or short."


Ice Cream Itinerary

In search of the perfect gelato.


Architecture et Nourriture

Reader Oskar Alegria sent in this short video he filmed which explores the parallels between architecture and cuisine at Le Dauphin, the new Paris resaturant designed by Rem Koolhaas and helmed by acclaimed chef Inaki Aizpitarte. The video is a part of a documentary about chef Aizpitarte. I have no idea what the French guys are talking about, but the images sure are beautiful.