The Week in Appetizers: Molecular Gastronomy Mayhem, Understanding Umami, and Mario's Film Debut

In case you missed it, a complete round-up of the week's most interesting food news:

Calorie Confusion
Some scientists argue that calorie estimates on food labels are based upon flawed and outdated science.

Wal-Mart Launching Green Labeling Program The Wall Street Journal reports that Wal-Mart is creating an environmental labeling program for all the products it carries.

Frank Bruni: "I Was a Baby Bulimic" Restaurant critic Frank Bruni's upcoming New York Times magazine article on his childhood struggle with overeating is now online.

Midwestern Wine Region Will Be World's Largest The federal government has approved a proposal for a new wine region stretching across parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

"Fat Acceptance" The anti-dieting philosophy of "fat acceptance" is gaining currency.

From the Steakhouse to Your Supermarket The Wall Street Journal reports that due to a decline in steakhouse-dining, high-end cuts that were once destined for restaurants are turning up at Costco at bargain prices.

How Your Gyro Gets Made So, what is a gyro anyway? The New York Times investigates.

Innovations in Ice Cream Russ Parsons on creating a frozen soufflé: "Think about ice cream that comes to the table not in cute little scoops, but a good 5 inches deep, so tall it towers above the dish."

Mario Batali, Thespian According to Wes Anderson fan site The Rushmore Academy, chef Mario Batali will voice the role of "Rabbit" in Anderson's upcoming animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox, an adaptation of the Roald Dahl book.

Understanding Umami Scientists have confirmed the role of a specific umami taste receptor in humans.

Molecular Gastronomy Mayhem
A German chef blew off both of his hands while using liquid nitrogen to create a molecular gastronomy dish.

A Celebrated Chef on Celebrity Chefdom Grant Achatz explores the expectations that are placed upon famous chefs.

New Careers: The Personal Sommelier New in careers: the "personal sommelier," a trusted wine adviser for the well-heeled oenophile.

Grub Street Launches National Edition As noted last week, New York magazine has officially launched the national edition of its Grub Street restaurant blog.