iPad Apps for Cooking

Which iPad cooking apps offer the best user experience?


Chocolate + Photo = Cocoagraph

Philadelphia-based Cocoagraph will print your instagram photos on a square of chocolate. Via gizmodo.


A Short History of Disco Robert Waiters

Remembering the disco-blasting robot waiters of 1980s Pasadena. Via coudal.


Scientists Build Chicken-Deboning Robot

Researchers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute have developed a robot that can debone chicken.


Building a Better Ketchup Bottle

Researchers have developed a super non-stick coating that could make the pouring of slow-moving ketchup a thing of the past.


Playing the Banana

The Makey Makey circuit board kit can turn a banana into a musical instrument.


Food That Cooks Itself

Is self-heating food the future of of food?


The TacoCopter

San Francisco's "TacoCopter" will deliver your tacos via unmanned drones.


"Facial Recognition" for Supermarket Food

Toshiba is developing an Object Recognition Scanner that uses technology similar to facial recognition to scan food (such as fruits and vegetables) without a barcode at supermarket checkout.


"Magnetic Tongue" Has a Taste for Canned Tomatoes

CannedtomatoesResearchers at the University of Copenhagen have developed a "magnetic tongue" that can replicate human flavor detection with an artificial sensor.

The sensor could be used by food manufacturers to adjust their production methods to maximize flavor.

According to New Scientist, the researchers used the artificial tongue to analyze the chemical composition of 18 different types of canned tomatoes by examining hydrogen atoms with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy:

Statistical analysis correlated collections of these compounds with flavours like saltiness, sweetness, and bitterness, as ranked by trained tasters. The "magnetic tongue" tastes tomato liquid practically straight from the can. Manufacturers could sample tomatoes during production with this sensor and quickly adjust their methods to create better tasting products.