The Duet: French Press Meets Tea Infuser

It's a tea infuser. it's a coffee press pot. It's a tea infuser and a press pot.

The Duet French Press includes two separate interchangeable rods: one attached to a stainless steel French press mesh filter and the other a stainless steel tea infuser basket. The tea rod also features an interesting notched design that allows you to pull it back and lock it at the top of the pot to prevent oversteeping. Come to think of it, that would be a good idea for coffee too.

$44 at Horne.


Tie Tea Cup

TieteanewGeorge Lee's Tie Tea Cup is designed so that your tea bag will never slip away into the drink.

Using a boat dock cleat as inspiration, the cup features a small tab notched onto the rim for tying the string of the teabag.

Once the tea bag is securely "docked," there's no risk of the tag and string becoming submerged.

$25 at Generate.

Via Swiss Miss.


A Teapot Just for Teabags


Unlike other teapots, the 12 ounce Teabag Teapot is designed not for loose tea, but for teabags. To prevent oversteeping, the vessel is designed with a small "shelf" inside which holds the teabag away from the tea once it has steeped (see diagram below). Available in a range of colors for $16 at Harney and Son.