In Space, No One Can Hear You Sip


If you've seen Ridley Scott's new science fiction film Prometheus, you may have been too distracted by the weighty themes of faith and human creation and puzzling over how the movie's extraterrestrials are connected to the alien of Alien to notice a curious culinary product placement.

B_10952_278-SmallSpolier alert: In the year 2093, we'll still be using Bodum glassware. Look closely at the screen cap above and you can see that the crew of the spaceship Prometheus is enjoying some liquid refreshment in what appears to be Bodum's Presso double-walled glass. You could buy one of the glasses here right now, but it looks like you'll have to wait another 81 years before it comes in blue.


Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser

Saltpepperswitch Designed by Chetan Sorab, the Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser changes from salt to pepper with the flip of a switch.

Made of ABS Plastic. Hand wash only.

$14 at MoMA.


Bakers with Cork

Crate & Barrel's new Bakers with Cork line of white stoneware baking dishes nest in cork liners for bringing hot dishes directly from oven to table. Bakeware is dishwasher safe. Made in Portugal.

$24.95 for the square baker, $29.95 for the rectangular baker, and $39.95 for the lidded oval casserole at Crate & Barrel.


Branch Out


Toolives salad servers are made from pruned olive tree branches sourced from Turkey's Anatolia region -- "one of the oldest olive tree cultivation spots in the world" according to the Museum of Modern Art. They are offered exclusively as part of MoMA's Destination: Istanbul collection highlighting lifestyle products from Turkey. The branches are hand-turned to create a smooth surface. Hand-wash only.

$35 at MoMA.


The Art of Origami Napkin Folding

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 2.26.28 PM Fred & Friends Origami Napkins take the art of napkin-folding to a whole new level.

The paper napkins are printed with instructions for folding four different designs, from the classic crane to a nifty polo shirt (pictured here).

$12 for a pack of 40 napkins at Fred Flare.


Function Bowl

Bowl Ali Bakova's Function Bowl features a raised crystalline glass dish and a shallow saucer. Serve nuts, olives, or fruit in the dish and use the saucer below to collect the pits, shells, and other culinary detritus.

$24. Exclusively at MoMA for a limited time only as part of its Destination: Istanbul product collection highlighting lifestyle products from Turkey.


Tuna Can Chic

Stark-dishes Created in collaboration with event designer David Stark, West Elm's new Porcelain Tapas Dishes take their inspiration from tuna and sardine cans. Crafted in matte white procelain, the collection includes an oval dish modeled on a sardine can and a round dish modeled on a tuna can.

$12.00 for the oval dish and $9.00, for the round dish at West Elm.


Culinary Travel Gear: Folding Chopsticks


Have chopsticks will travel?

Sold as a high-end camping accessory, FlipSticks are billed as the the world's first folding chopsticks.

Made of bamboo and stainless steel.

$32.80 at Brunton.


Cork + Ceramic

Westelm West Elm's new Cork + Ceramic Collection features a teapot, creamer, sugar pot, and cups that combine cork and earthenware.

Made in Portugual, the cork components -- which are removable -- insulate the contents of the teapot and cups while also functioning as a heat guard. The ceramic pieces are dishwasher safe.

$10 to $25 per piece in white, spicy, and pistachio at West Elm.


Tie Tea Cup

TieteanewGeorge Lee's Tie Tea Cup is designed so that your tea bag will never slip away into the drink.

Using a boat dock cleat as inspiration, the cup features a small tab notched onto the rim for tying the string of the teabag.

Once the tea bag is securely "docked," there's no risk of the tag and string becoming submerged.

$25 at Generate.

Via Swiss Miss.