Athlete Expelled from Olympics for Eating Marijuana

American judo fighter Nick Delpopolo was expelled from the Olympics on Monday for doping, saying he unintentionally ate something before the games that had been baked with marijuana.


Vending Machine Requires "Tackling" for Beer

To appeal to rugby fans, a beer company in Argentina has created the Rugbeer, a beer vending machine that needs to be "tackled" before it will dispense a beer


Olympic Appetites

Reuters publishes portraits of the daily caloric intake of athletes on the Turkish Olympic team.


Londoners Decry Olympic Beer Prices

A pint of Heineken at the Summer Olympics will cost 7.23 pounds or just over $11.


Major League Baseball May Ban Beer in Clubhouses

In the wake of the revelations that Red Sox players were drinking beer in the clubhouse during gsmes this season, Major League Baseball is looking into the idea of banning alcohol in culbhouses.


Man Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods

A male spectator ran onto a green shouting Tiger Woods' name and then threw a hot dog at him during the final round of the Open in Northern California.


Ramadan and the 2012 Olympics

An estimated 3000 Muslim athletes are expected to compete in next year's summer Olympics in London. How will those fasting for Ramadan still perform at a high level and avoid dehydration?


McRunner McScores McPersonal McBest

Joe D'Amico, the so-called "McRunner" who prepped for the Los Angeles Marathon by eating only food from McDonald's for breakfast, scored his "personal best" in the race.


Super Size Me: Sports Edition

"McRunner" Joe D’Amico plans to run the Los Angeles Marathon after training for 30 days on a diet comprised solely of McDonald’s fast food.


Meet the Eatcredibles

Made up of roughly 50 members in Hong Kong, they call themselves the “Eatcredibles” and they share a common passion for competitive eating.