Smackdowns: Nigella vs. Nonna

The Daily Mail brought in an Italian professional cook and a nonna to test drive Nigella Lawson's new Italian cookbook, Nigellissima, and they were not impressed. Via eater.

Man vs. Machine

How does a bread machine stack up against a human (when it comes to making bread of course)?


Vinegar Smackdown

In a taste test of red wine vinegars, cheap wins.


Smackdowns: Mail Order Knife Sharpening Services Compared

The Wall Street Journal reviews several mail order knife sharpening services. Who knew?


Kimball Challenges Wikis to a Recipe Duel

With the fires still burning from his controversial New York Times op-ed, Christopher Kimball throws down a gauntlet to the online food community: a cook-off between a Wiki'fied recipe and one hammered out in the Cook's Illustrated test kitchen: "Should be fun! Who is interested? Amanda? Anyone else?" Is he calling you out, Hesser?

Pete's A Pizza

Grub Street blogs on The Village Voice rebuff of Alan Richman's pizza ranking.


Smoked Meat vs. Pastrami

Which is better: Katz's pastrami or the smoked meat at Montreal's Schwartz's? Robert Sietsema investigates.