Dating for Foodies

The Guardian ponders the question of foodie-on-foodie romance.


The Secret Sex Life of Truffles

Scientists have unlocked the secrets of the black truffle's sex life.


Soft Porn, With a Side of Soft Corn (Tacos)


T&T&A, a new book due out in March, pairs photos of barely-clothed women with full frontal shots of tacos.

"There are connoisseurs of French Bordeaux. And connoisseurs of Tang Dynasty woodcuts," declares publisher Sump Books. "And there are connoisseurs of topless women and cheap-ass Mexican food."

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Restaurant Promotes V-Day Bathroom Sex

Here's something new in Valentine's day dining promotions: a restaurant that encourages bathroom couplings.


Pork Is the New Viagra

Argentina's President Christina Fernandez is promoting pork as an alternative to Viagra. After a recent BBQ pork dinner, she said: "things went very well that weekend, so it could well be true."


Kim Kardashian for Carls Jr.: "Salads Are Sexy"

Carls Jr. has commissioned a new star to sex up its brand. Following in the footsteps of burger-chomping Padma Lakshmi, Kim Kardashian will pimp a new line of salads being introduced by the fast food chain.

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Real Chefs Catch Fish With Their Bare Hands


Perusing Eat Me Daily's post about the new cookbook from "Top Chef" alum Fabio Viviani, I was struck by the similarity of one of the book's images to a photo from another chef cookbook.

The above image of Ludovic Lefebvre (left) from his cookbook Crave is nearly the same as that of Viviani (right) in his new book: badass chef dude wades into the sea in his jeans and seemingly pulls two giant fish out of the water with nothing but his hands. We don't need no stinking fishing poles!

Back in 2005, Leslie Brenner swooned over the photo of Lefebvre in the pages of the Los Angeles Times: "Look at him, emerging from the surf like a chef-Adonis, kelp fairly dangling from his biceps. He caught those big fish with his bare hands!"

So, will this mean that the barehanded fishing shot will become de rigeur for the up-and-coming celebrity chef, or have Viviani and Lefebvre simply upped the ante to something even more absurdly over-the-top?


Breastaurants Go Mobile

Watch out, Hooters. At L.A.'s Baby's Badass Burgers mobile food truck, "female employees will wear itsy-bitsy boy shorts while serving up burgers like the Cougar (aged beef and black truffles) or the Hot Chick (buffalo chicken with bleu cheese)." Via coldmud.


On Sex and Graham Crackers

Did you know that Graham Crackers were originally invented to curb sexual desire?