Cold Comfort

Chilled summer soups, from cucumber to drawberry gazpacho.


My Pizza: Test Drive


Baker extraordinaire Jim Lahey of Sulivan Street Bakery and Co. has followed up his brilliant My Bread with a pizza-oriented sequel, My Pizza: The Easy No-Knead Way to Make Spectacular Pizza at Home.

With a single recipe for pizza dough (see below) as a starting place, the book is more or less a pizza topping book, with recipes for pies topped with everything friom leek and sausage to a wintry combination of brussels sprouts and chestnuts. There are also a handful of recipes for soups, salads, and desserts, including gelato and some especially delicious-looking chocolate chip cookies.

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Recipe: Rozanne Gold's "Almost Confit" Chicken With Garlic

Copious amounts of crushed and whole garlic cloves melt together as chicken thighs roast.


Stracciatella Ice Pops

Icepop Another ice pop post? The frozen treats seem to be turning up everywhere this summer, and, yes, here's one more pop paen.

The edible appeal of ice pops is obvious, but they're also easy to make. Unlike homemade ice cream, you don't need to keep an ice cream machine insert pre-freezing in the freezer, and (for most recipes) you don't even need to pre-chill the base. This is expecially true of fruit pops. Except for the freezing time, they're an almost spontaneous treat.

I've been making a number of fantastic ice pop recipes from Fany Gerson's Paletas, including lime-infused watermelon pops, blackberry pops, and almond-enriched Mexican chocolate pops.

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Corn Meets Cast Iron

In the New York Times, a minimalist corn pudding, but not by that Minimalist guy.


Shooter's (Salad) Sandwich

A French take on the Shooter's Sandwich tucks a salad into a loaf of bread.


Meat Lover's Kale Salad

Actually, no meat, but there's plenty of umami (miso, pecorino) in this kale salad recipe from the otherwise carnivorous minds at L.A.'s Animal.


Recipe: Pollo al Ajillo

From the Guardian, Pollo al Ajillo, Spanish slow-cooked chicken braised with a whopping three heads of garlic.


Recipe Redux

eggadventure GOOD has posted a slideshow of the best responses to its call for submissions to help redesign the standard recipe.

The finalists range from "Choose Your Own Egg Adventure" (right), by food photographers Alice and Jared Zhao, to an IKEA-inspired instruction manual for making pho.

The winning design will be selected on April 4 by judges Wylie Dufresne, chef/owner of wd~50, and Design Observer's Jessica Helfand.


Epic Breakfast Time

Recipe: Baked eggs in ham cups.