France Pushes for Food Stockpiles

French President Francois Hollande is proposing the creation of strategic stockpiles of agricultural commodities to prevent extreme price swings on international markets.

FDA: 40% of Egg Farms Have Food-Safety Violations

A new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report issued in July found violations of its egg safety rules on about 40% of the farms it inspected in 2011 (though only 2.7% were considered "egregious").


Georgia Vidalia Farmers Turn to Prison Labor

Georgia's immigration crackdown has led to a shortage of migrant farm labor that has caused onion farmers to turn to prison labor for the Vidalia harvest.


FDA Rejects Corn Sugar Label for HFCS

The Food and Drug Administration has rejected a petition by the Corn Refiners Association to change the name high fructose corn syrup to "corn sugar" on nutritional labels.


"Salt Tax" Could Cut Heart Disease in Developing Countries

According to a new study, voluntary industry reductions in salt content along with a tobacco-style "salt tax" on products high in sodium salt, could help to cut cardiovascular deaths by three in developing countries.


Obama Administration Accused of "Bailing Out" GM Salmon Company

A $500,000 grant was made by the Obama administration to AquaBounty (the company developing genetically modified salmon) despite evidence that the firm could soon run out of cash.


Harvard Offers Its Own Version of USDA's "MyPlate"

The Harvard School of Public Health responds to the USDA's MyPlate with its own "Healthy Eating Plate" that, among other differences, limits dairy consumption.


AP: Anti-Terror Food Safety Plans Costly, Unwieldy

An Associated Press analysis of anti-terror food safety plans initiated during the Bush administration found that despite $3.4 billion spent on food counter-terrorism, key programs have been bogged down in bureaucracy and no single agency is providing accountability.


Congressional Opposition Mounting Against GM salmon

Congressional opposition to the approval of genetically-engineered salmon is mounting, led by members of the Alaska delegation.


Mastering the Art of American Eating

One man decides to spend a month attempting to follow every U.S. government recommendation on eating.