Shallot Smackdown

Britain and France square off over who grows the best shallots.

Chip Shop Diaries

A day in the life of a chip shop, as told by food writer Jay Rayner.


Beard Awards Shine Light on Noriega's

The James Beard Awards honored Noriega's, a Basque restraurant in Bakersfield, California, that hasn't changed much since it was founded more than a century ago.


"Chopstick Diplomacy" in Chile

The Global Post on the burgeoning Chinese restaurant scene in Santiago and Beijing's influential role.


Italy Seeks UNESCO Status for Pizza

After securing Unesco status for the Mediterranean diet, Italy is considering a campaign to place the Neapolitan pizza on UNESCO's cultural heritage list.


Department of Maps: Gangs and Cupcakes


Edible Geography points to this map, created by UC Berkeley student Danya Al-Saleh, which delineates bakeries in San Francisco's Mission district and how they overlap with with Norteño and Sureño gang territories (PDF).

According to Al-Saleh, "Cupcakes, gangs, violence, and sugar are perceived to exist in separate worlds. This dividing boundary is structurally reinforced, whether by the police, culinary reviews, or our education system.... Next time you bite into your cinammon horchata cupcake, reinterpret your surroundings."


Yountville Boasts Most Michelin Stars Per Capita

With six Michelin stars bestowed within six blocks, Yountville in Napa County, California, is claiming to have the highest concentration of Michelin stars per capita in the world.


Californian Cuisine Before "California Cuisine"

I'll drink your (date) milkshake: Sunset magazine and Caifornian cuisine before the advent of "California cuisine."


When is a Bagel a Bagel?

Poland's obwarzanek krakowski is round, has a hole in the center, and is made of thick, chewy dough. But don't call it a bagel.


Only in Japan: Carbonara Chicken Burgers

Exclusively in Japan, McDonald's is rolling out a line of chicken burgers with flavors like cheese fondue, German sausage, diavolo, and carbonara.