Tweets: Church vs. Beer

Tracking tweets, region by region, about "church" vs. "beer."


Microwave Blogging

Food blogging gets really specific: before and after pictures of food that's been microwaved. Via swissmiss.



Chef Ferran Adria announces plans for a creation of a wikipedia-like online destination to be called "LaBullipedia."


Chefs: Twitter Useful, if a "Time Suck"

Restaurateurs profess mixed views on the benefits of social media ("Do they have a sous-chef app?").


What if Kanye West Was A Food Writer?

Screen shot 2011-01-12 at 2.11.30 PM

Someone has reimagined Kanye West as a budding food writer and created a Tumblr blog called "No One Man Should Have All That Flour" filled with song lyrics by West rewritten to be about food.

Take, for example, this version of West's rousing "All of the Lights," but recast about baking pies:

Got the oven here, baby
425° is how high the heat is
Bake up the pies in here, baby
You know what I need, want y’all to eat everything
Want you to eat all of the pies
Custard and there’s rhubarb
All of the pies, all of the pies
And after this I’ll make a cherry tart
All of the pies, all of the pies


Jeremy Irons as Howard Beale in UN Hunger Campaign


To promote its new anti-hunger campaign,, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has enlisted actor Jeremy Irons to appear in a video that evokes the raging newsman Howard Beale in Sidney Lumet's classic 1976 film Network.

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AOL Adds "KitchenDaily" to Its Food Menu

AOL Inc. has just launched KitchenDaily, a new food property that adds yet another culinary site to its existing portfolio of AOL Food and the blog Slashfood.

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Food52 Plans a Sequel

Amanda Hesser Just about two-thirds into the first 52 weeks of their recipe website and cookbook creation, Food52 founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs have announced they're already planning a second book.

This isn't a new deal, actually. According to Hesser, the Food52 team originally contracted with HarperStudio to publish two books.

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Breaking New Ground in Restaurant Voyeurism

Can't get enough restaurant reality TV? A Minneapolis restaurant has set up cameras in its kitchen to broadcast a live web feed of its chefs at work (D'amico Kitchen).

Slumming for Food Porn Rejects? There's An App for That

A new site called TasteStopping solely publishes food photographs that have been "rejected, declined or otherwise spurned by one of the myriad 'elite' sites out there (ahem…TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, PhotoGrazing…ahem)."