Kanye West Buys Up Fatburger Franchises

Rapper Kanye West has bought the franchise rights for 10 Fatburger restaurants in Chicago.


Food Memes: OK Go Video Animated with Toast

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

Using a laser cutter and thousands of slices of toast, OK Go created a music video animated entirely from images of toast for their latest single "Last Leaf."


Katy Perry Urges Fans to Stop Eating Her CD

Pop star Katy Perry has urged her fans to stop eating a special cotton candy-scented edition of her CD "Teenage Dreams." Said Perry: "It smells good, but you can’t eat the album. I’ve had people eating it and I can’t take responsibility for that."

Songs in the Key of Alice

Chef, organic food advocate, and sometimes DJ Alice Waters has put together a music playlist for Los Angeles public radio station KCRW.


Songs in the Key of Spaghetti

Recipes by famous chefs set to music. Via Serious Eats.


Burning Questions: Was Michael Jackson Really a Vegetarian?

At the Michael Jackson memorial, Magic Johnson told a story in which he watched Michael Jackson eat fried chicken (a posthumous endorsement of KFC) at Neverland. But, I thought he was a vegetarian. What gives?


It's Swiss Chard Out Here for a Pimp

The Oscar-award winning rap group Three 6 Mafia is shopping around a cooking show titled "Cookin' Ain't Easy."


Pairing Music and Dining

Gael Greene, former New York magazine restaurant critic, and Andrew Wintner, director of nightlife for B.R. Guest Restaurants, discuss the pros and cons of music in restaurants.


Dining with Ludacris

Food & Wine visits rapper and restaurateur Ludacris at his Atlanta eatery Straits Atlanta, where Singaporean cuisine is on the menu.