Gastronomics: The Hanging Brochette


Recession Special: Brasserie Julien wants to attract budget-minded customers with a vertical skewer of "smaller, more cost-effective pieces" of expensive meats.

According to several recent reports, the abysmal economy, increases in the cost of doing business, and rising food prices are starting to make their impact felt on the restaurant industry and consumer spending on food. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, chefs at premier dining establishments are finding it difficult to strike a balance between quality and cost. Signaling the fluidity of food costs, Chef David Chang has just just raised the price of a prix fixe dinner at his coveted Momofuku Ko  from $85 to $100. And, the New York Times brings news of a boom in vegetable gardening by Americans trying to save money on groceries.

Into this changing food environment comes news of the latest in food marketing ploys to targeting current economic conditions: enter the "hanging brochette." According to a press release we received in our inbox yesterday, the restaurant Brasserie Julien is promoting this new menu item as a dining option designed specifically for the budget-minded customer. Can't afford an entire entree of lamb, filet mignon, fish, or game? Then order "smaller, more cost-effective pieces" of these expensive meats served on a skewer dangling before you. Does this PR stunt represent the first in a new wave of "recession specials"? What's coming next?

The complete press release after the jump.

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