Dept. of Mashups: Beer and Pickles

The founders of Dogfish Head Craft Breweryand Brooklyn Brine have teamed up to create the "Hop Pickle," a beer-infused pickle.


Dept. of Mashups: The Edible Cookbook

Made of sheets of fresh pasta, the "Edible Cookbook" is the "first and only cookbook you can actually read, cook and eat."


Dept. of Mashups: Mac and Cheese Ravioli

No joke: Supermarket chain Wegman's is introducing a frozen ravioli product filled with macaroni and cheese.


Dept. of Mashups: Oysters and Chocolate

On the menu at Jean-Paul Hévin’s new Paris chocolate bar: hot chocolate with an oyster emulsion.


Department of Mashups: Vodka Meets Sauvignon Blanc

Swedish vodka producer Absolut has paired up with Brancott Estate to produce a "sparkling fusion" of vodka and Sauvignon Blanc called "Absolut Tune."


Take the Subway to Sancerre


Created by David Gissen, an architectural historian and wine afficianado, the Metro Wine Map of France reconceptualizes France's wine regions as a subway map.

"If I see another picture of a vineyard or pruning shears, or a wine map that looks like a hiking map, I might lose it," Gissen told wine blogger Dr. Vino about his inspiration for creating the innovative map. "I believe that French wine (like all EU wine) was born in and through villages, towns and cities. From my perspective it’s completely urban. I want to make some artifacts that express my point of view. The map is the first of these."

The map is 18 x 24 inches and printed on heavyweight acid-free matte paper. $24.95 at De Long Wine Discovery Tools.


Dept. of Culinary Mashups: The Spaghetti Bolognese Sandwich

Spaghetti Bolognese meets sandwich at M. Wells, complete with steak knife.