Favorite Food Idioms

"Staring at the sloop like a herring" and other food idioms of the world.

In Austria, a Proposal to End Offensive Food Names

An Austrian trade association wants to do away with derogatory names for dishes like Zigeunerschnitzel ("gipsy schnitzel") and Mohr im Hemd ("Moor-in-a-shirt," a chocolate and cream confection).


How to Speak Beer: A Craft Brewing Glossary

Got "gravity"? A brief glossary of craft brewing terms.


The Gastrogrotesquerie of British Food Criticism

A.A. Gill has a way with revolting food metaphors, from "gut-scented butter" to "fishy liver-filled condoms." Hungry now?


On Food and Language

Simon Schama on the human compulsion to put words to food.


Foods With Names That Bite

Ten offensively-named foods, from Friar's Balls to Virgin's Breasts.