In Praise of Barnacles

The Guardian on the pleasures of eating goose barnacles.

Consider the Lobster, Redux

Burgeoning lobster populations have driven prices down to $2 a pound. Now that lobster is cheaper than chicken, Josh Ozersky asks whether this changes the way we think about lobster, "both for good and bad."

Pig's Milk, Anyone?

Why don't we drink milk from mammals other than cows.


In Praise of: American Cheese

At Bon Appetit, a glowing ode to the glow of Kraft Singles.


Grains Well Spent

Using spent grains left over from the beer brewing process is becoming big in baking and cooking.


In Praise of Alliums

In the Guardian, onion recipes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.


Pink Slime: A Taste Test

Amid the uproar over "pink slime," one intrepid reporter wonders how the stuff actually tastes. He calls it "a mealy chew that, while not overtly unpleasant, didn't leave me wanting another bite."


Breadfruit: A Hard Sell

Some see breadfruit as the food of the future, but its mealy texture and bland taste can be a tough sell.


La Mancha, Spain: Saffron Central

The Wall Street Journal explores La Mancha, Spain, where some of the world's best saffron is produced.


Olive Oil News: California Competition, New Certification

The New York Times finds olive oils from California worthy of your attention, and the Washington Post reports on efforts to create a new certification (the "3E certification") for oils that improves upon the "extra virgin" label.