Still Great: The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957


There are plenty of new food-oriented April Fools day pranks this year, but this BBC documentary about the Swiss "spaghetti harvest" -- broadcast on April 1, 1957 -- is still one of the greatest hoaxes of all time. Following the broadcast, hundreds of duped viewers contacted the BBC about how to purchase their own spaghetti bushes.

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Duh! Cooking!

Eater reports that Charlie Sheen has filmed a cooking show sketch for the comedy website "Funny or Die." Update: The video is now online.


Onion: President Obama Weighs Turkey Pardon

Courtesy of The Onion, President Obama's personal flowchart deconstructing the ethics of pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.


On the Road: A Haute Food Truck

Cupcake straws, hot dog air and pho on a pin: Carol Blymire's Alinea at Home-- in which she cooks the book by Grant Achatz--goes on the road in a refurbished food truck.

Dharma Wine Hatch Discovered in Israel

You may have hard the news that archaeologists have discovered a 1,400-year-old wine press in Southern Israel -- 25 miles south of Jerusalem -- an area which was once part of the Byzantine Empire. According to the scientists, the exceptionally large size of the press -- measuring 21 feet by 54 feet -- suggests that it was used to produce wine for export to Egypt, or Europe.

But, could these archeologists have the story all wrong?

To any "Lost" devotee, the unique octagonal shape of the press and its proximity to Egypt and Tunisia will bring to mind the work of the Dharma Initiative. Above is an artist's rendering of a possible Dharma logo for this intriguing wine-making hatch.

Is this where Dharma Merlot was produced? Is Desmond down there in that hole uncorking a bottle every 108 minutes? Could this be the key to unlocking the mysteries of "Lost"?