How To: Carrot Cake

How to cook the perfect carrot cake.


How To: Make Chestnut Liqueur

Just add chestnuts, brandy, and sugar.


How To: Remove a Wine Label

Fill the bottle with very hot/boiling water, seal it with a cork, let stand for 15 minutes, and slowly peel.


Video: DIY Butter

Chef Daniel Patterson shows you how to make your own butter.


In an Eggshell: How to Make an Omelet

Through a painstaking process, you too can impress your friends by cooking an omelet inside of an eggshell.


DIY Candy Corn

How to make your own candy corn. Via Cold Mud.


Whole Hog How-To

A home cook looking for a new culinary challenge takes on roasting a whole pig.


DIY Peking Duck

How to create your own Peking duck feast at home.

Ain't No Party Like a Blue Crab Party

How to throw a proper crab-athon.


DIY: Wall-Mounted iPhone-Esque Kitchen Computer

A DIY wall-mounted touch-screen kitchen computer for iPhone addicts.