Meet Me at the "British Buttery"

A food tour of the 1939 World's Fair.


The Red Solo Cup: A History

How the disposable drinking vessel became an American party staple.


The Bagel Timeline

A short (600+ years) history of the bagel.


Clues to Roman Diet in Ancient Cesspit

Researchers poring over the largest collection of ancient Roman garbage and human waste ever found have discovered seeds, bones, and shell fragments that suggest residents of Herculaneum had a diverse diet, which included chicken, mutton, fish, fig, fennel, olives, sea urchin, and mollusk.


Ancient 'Cue

Archeologists have discovered a prehistoric barbecue pit in Holland with evidence of a meal centered around the flesh of  aurochs, a wild Eurasian ox larger than today's cows.


A Short History of Food Blogs

Saveur's food blog timeline chronicles the inception of food blogs and their evolution over time, even including an a reference to yours truly, born in 2003 during the food blog stone age.


Still Great: The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957


There are plenty of new food-oriented April Fools day pranks this year, but this BBC documentary about the Swiss "spaghetti harvest" -- broadcast on April 1, 1957 -- is still one of the greatest hoaxes of all time. Following the broadcast, hundreds of duped viewers contacted the BBC about how to purchase their own spaghetti bushes.

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Letters of Alan Davidson to Be Auctioned

The letters of the late food writer Alan Davidson will be auctioned later this month.


Exhibit: The History of Spanish Cuisine

Co-curated by chef Ferran Adrià, "La Cocina en su Tinta" (The Kitchen in Ink), at the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid, explores the history of Spanish cuisine.


World's Oldest Winery Discovered

Scientists have discovered the world's oldest known winery in a cavern in Armenia. It dates to about 6,100 years ago.