LA Bans Plastic Bags

Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation to approve a ban on plastic bags at supermarkets. The City Council voted 13 to 1 to phase out plastic bags over the next 16 months. Shoppers will need to bring reusable bags or purchase paper bags.


Litre of Light

Through an initiative called "Litre of Light," old plastic water bottles are repurposed in the Philippines to create virtually free solar-powered lighting for the poorest members of the population.


Pilot System Turns Hog Waste Into Energy

A pilot waste-to-energy system constructed by Duke University and Duke Energy captures greenhouse gases from hog waste, and burns them to run a turbine and produce electricity.


Breweries Work to Reduce Water Footprint

With some studies suggesting it can take up to 300 liters of water to produce just one liter of beer, breweries across the world are trying to reduce their water usage.


Cooking Oil-Fueled Flight

Air France-KLM has announced that it will start flying planes in September using a blend of kerosene and used cooking oil. More than 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam will be the first to embrace the alternative fuel.


Turning Chicken Feathers Into Plastic

Scientists have made a key advance toward turning the billions of pounds of wasted chicken feathers produced each year into plastic. Yes, plastic.

Edible Insects Better Than Meat for the Environment

According to a new study, edible insects produce much smaller quantities of greenhouse gases per kilogram of meat than cattle and pigs.


Italy's Ban on Bags

A new Italian law, which took effect nationwide Jan. 1., prohibits stores from dispensing nondegradable plastic bags after their existing supplies are gone.


Is Vertical Farming All It's Cracked Up to Be?

Growing crops in vertical farms in the heart of cities is said to be a greener way to produce food. But the idea is still unproven.


Cattle Farmers at Heart of Brazil Climate Plan

Brazil's climate plan calls for cattle ranchers to turn their pastures into "a national carbon sink" by reabsorbing carbon emissions from the air.