Roundups: Luxe Lunchboxes

The Wall Street Journal reviews bento-inspired luxury lunchboxes.


Building a Better Pair of Tongs

Even fans of tongs (and they do have their arch-enemies) will acknowledge a flaw in their design: the propensity to mess up your kitchen work surface every time you set them down. Dreamfarm's Clongs offer a design solution: the tongs feature a notch in the handles that allow the business end to stay off the counter when at rest.

Stainless steel with heat-resistant silicone tips. $14.95 at Dreamfarm.


Culinary Travel Gear: Folding Chopsticks


Have chopsticks will travel?

Sold as a high-end camping accessory, FlipSticks are billed as the the world's first folding chopsticks.

Made of bamboo and stainless steel.

$32.80 at Brunton.


Armed for Cherry Pitting

You could kick some serious ass with Chef'n's new QuickPit, as long as by serious ass you mean cherries and olives. Insert a cherry or olive into the device, pull the trigger, and the pit pops right out into the trash.
$9.99 at


A Short History of the Microplane

The New York Tmes on how the grater got out of the garage.


Food Writer Michael Ruhlman Launches Cooking Tools

All-Strain-set-of-3@5401 Not content to just write books and articles, maintain a popular blog and website, and build cooking apps for smartphones, food writer Michael Ruhlman is now branching out into cookware with a series of cooking tools he has personally developed.

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Conjoined Twin Gingerbread Men Cutter

Gmen_cookiecutter The Mütter Museum, the Philadelphia medical museum known for its collection of bizarre medical oddities, is selling an appropriately strange cookie cutter: a Conjoined Twin Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutter that comes complete with a gingerbread cookie recipe.

$6.50 at the Mütter Museum Store.


The Garlic Will Rock


Joseph Joseph's Rocker Garlic Crusher reinvents the traditional garlic press. Downward pressure and a rocking motion forces the garlic through a mesh indentation, which can then be scraped off with a spoon once crushed. Made of stainless steel so you can wash away the odor from your fingers as you rinse the device.

$15 at the A+R Store.


Holiday Giving: Kitchen Basics

In the Los Angeles Times, Russ Parsons suggests you skip the sous vide machine in favor of some afforable kitchen essentials for holiday gift-giving.


Sack Up: Tuzu Biberi Salt and Pepper Shakers

Screen shot 2010-11-22 at 3.00.57 PM

Emir Rifat Isik's sack-like Tuzu Biberi Salt and Pepper Shakers eschew hard surfaces for fabric and stitching. If only one could find a place to buy them.

Found via mocoloco.