Introducing Waffle Iron Eggs

Inventions in food: eggs cooked in a waffle iron.


"Fruit-Headed Cats"

The art of cats balancing fruit on their head.


Popping Gnocchi Cause Giggles

A grown man giggles hysterically in the face of gnocchi that hop out of a pot full of hot oil. Expect a viral auto-tuned hit shortly.


Meet the McRushmore

How much fast food can you fit between two buns? A McRib, a Filet-o-Fish, a Chicken Sandwich, and an Angus Third Pounder spliced into a single sandwich.


Food Memes: OK Go Video Animated with Toast

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

Using a laser cutter and thousands of slices of toast, OK Go created a music video animated entirely from images of toast for their latest single "Last Leaf."