Fire Blamed on Squirrel-Cooking Attempt

Police are blaming a fire that displaced dozens of people from a southwest Michigan apartment complex on a resident trying to cook a squirrel with a propane torch.

Waking Your Chickens Before They've Hatched

Scientists have found out how to wake up chickens sleeping in unhatched eggs by scaring the sh*t out of them.


Bear Raids L.A. Fridge

A Los Angeles man discovered a 500 lb black bear raiding his refrigerator and gorging on tuna and frozen meatballs.


Monkey Meets Grill

Watch out, Bobby Flay. Pan-kun the chimpanzee is an expert griller.


Dolphins Adopt New Tricks for Catching Fish

Dolphin-with-conch Researchers from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, have discovered a population of multi-talented dolphins that have adopted an unusual technique to consume fish. 

Dubbed "conching," it is believed that the dolphins trap small fish in large conch shells with their beaks, then bring the shells to the surface and shake them, causing the water to drain out and the fish to fall into their mouths.

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Scary Spider Shuts Down Supermarket

A supermarket in Germany was evacuated last Friday after a worker reported seeing one of the world's must deadly and vicious spiders, a Brazilian Wandering Spider jump out of a banana crate.


Fish Uses Tools to Eat

Professional diver Scott Gardner has captured what are believed to be the first images of a wild fish using a tool to eat. A blackspot tuskfish was caught on film smashing a clam on a rock until it cracked open and could be consumed.


The Gorilla Diet

Gorillas in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have dropped about 65 pounds after a year on a leafy green diet. The change is an effort to combat heart disease, the top killer of male gorillas in US zoos.


Birthday Cakes for Dogs

These cakes are for the dogs. Literally.


Fish: Drunk on Sake

At an odd ceremony dating back to the Edo Period, carp are made to consume a large dose of sake as they "symbolically take on people’s calamities." After drinking the sake, the fish are released into a river.