Greens (and Reds and Golds): A Recipe to Greet the Spring

Set in historic Fort Mason, with a view of the glorious Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, San Francisco's Greens Restaurant holds its own, an institution in itself. When the landmark restaurant first opened, it was revolutionary in its use of fresh, local produce and elevated vegetarian cuisine. Now 30 years later, Greens is still going strong, surrounded by countless restaurants whose menus owe much to its influence.

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Dispatches from the Bay: Makin' Bacon


With advertising that urged bacon lovers of the world to unite and that featured images of that most fragrant of fats frying up in a skillet, there was no mistaking that the cooking workshop, "Makin’ Bacon 2," held last Sunday in San Francisco, was a true love letter to bacon and its close cousin pork sausage.

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