Beefing Up Breakfast

The Independent (UK) encourages defection from breakfast toast and cereal for these plates from around the world.

Up In Smoke

Not all smoking must be done outdoors. Behold the benefits of a stove-top smoker, in today's Chicago Tribune.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Sauce

Over at epicurious: read how canned tomatoes, butter, and an onion come together to make the perfect tomato sauce.


Dispatches from the Bay: Beautifully Comforting


The cold winter months call out for comfort food -- spaghetti and meatballs; warm beef stews; risotto; chocolate chip cookies. Even as our bodies crave this homey fare, however, our consciences -- and doctors -- warn against it.

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A Faster Way to Popovers

I have gotten into the habit of making popovers with my daughter on Sundays. The team approach works reasonably well: I measure the ingredients, she dumps them into the bowl, and we take turns mixing. Then, for some peculiar reason, she will inevitably dipping her hands into the measuring cup, eating the plain flour off her fingers until there is no more. I don't get this part

While popovers may not be as magical as the David Eyre's Pancake, watching a few spoonfuls of batter transform into the tall, airy, eggy, crunchy treats is almost as amazing (and delicious, too).

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Fishing for July 4

Grill fish effortlessly with the help of the San Francisco Chronicle.


Is It Done Yet?

How to tell if your steak is done? A primer on the cake tester meat thermometer.


From the Archives: Cool Off, Catania Style


Guest author Renée Kaplan contributed this post on how to fight back against the oppressive heat she calls "City in the Summer Syndrome" (which New York seems to be oddly immune from so far this year). Learning a lesson from the Sicilians, she writes about the ideal heatwave breakfast: thirst-quenching almond granita and a brioche for dunking.

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From the Archives: In Praise of Persillade


Parsley and garlic are essential components in so many recipes. When the two are finely chopped together, they become persillade, a powerful combination that brings enormous flavor to a dish when added just at the very end of the cooking process.

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