Taco USA

How Mexican food became more American than apple pie.


The "Italianissimi" Project

Italian trade and business officials have aunched a campaign -- the "Italianissimi" project -- which focuses on educating consumers about what products are authentically Italian.


Annals of Gastrogigantism: Lebanon Takes Lead in Hummus Wars

This weekend, Lebanon unveiled the Guinness World Record's largest platter of hummus. The massive hummus (above, left) weighed in at 10,452 kilograms.

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Filipino Student Wins Fork and Spoon Suit

A Filipino-Canadian boy reprimanded by his teacher for eating with a fork and spoon (which is customary in the Philippines) won a discrimination suit he filed against his school in Quebec.


Mon Dieu! Poll Finds British Cook More Than French

A survey conducted jointly by the French magazine Madame Le Figaro and the BBC's food magazine Olive found that the British spend more time in the kitchen than the French.


We All Scream for Poutine

Poutine -- the Quebecois creation of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy -- is making its way into the U.S.