Miniature Food Rings


SouZouCreations' Food Rings feature extremely detailed miniature plates of of food set on adjustable silver tone bands. Pictured here is a dish of uni and tobiko sushi with soy sauce and a cup of green tea. Other designs -- made from plastic, glass, metal, and ceramics -- feature everything from traditional Japanese dishes to breakfast and dessert.

$10 to $12.50 each at the SouZouCreations etsy shop.


Food Ink: Kitchen Utensil Temporary Tattoos


Tattly's Kitchen Utensil Temporary Tattoos feature hand-drawn illustrations of a knife, whisk, wine opener, and box grater.

$5 for a two sets of tattos at Tattly.


Chez Panisse, the T-Shirt

Dave-Eggers As Chez Panisse's 40-year anniversary celebration revs up, Levi's has partnered with Alice Waters and a number of notable writers and artists -- David Byrne, Maira Kalman, Dave Eggers (pictured here), and Sofia Coppola -- to create a series of limited edition  t-shirts.

Naturally (no pun intended), the shirts are 100% organic cotton and feature plantable letterpressed hang-tags on handmade paper embedded with organic seeds. Proceeds help support Waters' Edible Schoolyard organization, which promotes garden and kitchen education in grade-schools.

$30 each at Levi's.


Lactic Fashion

German biologist and fashion designer Anke Domaske has created clothes made out of spoiled milk.


Shoes by Chefs

Watch out Mario Batali, celebrity chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Chris Cosentino, and Aaron Sanchez are launching their own footwear lines.


From Meat Dress to Beef Jerky

Lady Gaga's controversial raw meat dress will be dried out, turned into beef jerky, and preserved for posterity.

Apron Cooking Guides


Still can't get used to the idea of messing up your precious iPad with your sticky fingers to identify measurement conversions?

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Fulvio Bonavia's Culinary Couture


Images from photographer Fulvio Bonavia's book A Matter of Taste reconceptualize foodstuffs as fashion accessories. [via trendland]

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Dept. of Inventions: The Rice Bra

A Japanese lingerie company has developed a "rice bra" to grow rice in one's cleavage.


Department of Mashups: Bread Meets Sneakers

If only these concept shoes for And1's Wonder Mid sneakers really felt like walking on a loaf of Wonder Bread. Wouldn't that be wonder-ful?

According to the sneaker blog NiceKicks: "And1 speckled its Wonder with the multi-colored spots that are associated with the Wonder Bread Company. This colorway will likely never see a public release as it probably violates all sorts of Wonder Bread trademarks. It is, however, a clever combination that can be appreciated on a below-the-radar wear-test sample."

Via book of joe.