"Mozzarella King" Arrested for Bad Cheese

The head of Italy's biggest producer of mozzarella cheese, nicknamed the "Mozzarella King," was arrested after being accused of producing contaminated cheese and receiving money from the mafia.


Food Blotter: The Case of the Stolen Ribs

A Georgia woman was arrested and charged with battery and criminal trespass after her boyfriend reported she assaulted him and stole a rack of ribs and liquor from his residence.


Food Fight!

Two men were arrested after they allegedly broke into a West Seattle fruit market and had an impromptu food fight. They told the police they "were just having rowdy fun.”


Food Blotter: Thief Leaves Behind "Trail of Beers"

Maryland police caught a thief who left a trail of beer cans from a burglarized liquor store to his home.


Florida Restaurant Inspectors Arrested for Taking Bribes

Two Jacksonville health inspectors were arrested for allegedly taking bribes from local restaurants.


From Crime to Wine

New economic cooperatives in Sicily are making prize-winning wines from vineyards cultivated on land once held by the Mafia.


Criminals Fall for UK Beer Sting

Nineteen suspected criminals were arrested in the UK after police lured them with a hoax offer of free beer.


Honolulu Couple Arrested for Eating Sandwich in Supermarket

A pregnant Honolulu mother was arrested last week with her husband after she ate a sandwich in a Safeway store and forgetting (but intending) to pay at checkout. The incident has sparked a debate over whether it's okay to dig into food in stores before it's been paid for.


Sweden, Crime, and Drinking Habits

According to a new report, violent crime has dropped in Sweden as Swedes have adopted more "continental" drinking habits, swapping a "spirit culture" for a "beer-and-wine cuture."


Two Men Arrested in Cooking Oil Theft

Two Miami men were arrested after allegedly stealing used cooking oil from a Burger King.