Trap Door Colander


This plastic Trap Door Colander by Farberware could be the ultimate cooking tool for the clumsy cook. It features a trap door release in the bottom of the colander that lets you easily and cleanly eject its contents directly into a serving dish after draining.

Dishwasher safe.

$14.99 at Pfaltzgraff. Via Gizmodo.


A Cutting Board for the OCD Chef

Fred's OCD Chef Chopping Block (that's OCD for "obsessive chopping disorder") will bring your food prep to extreme new levels of precision.

Beechwood, measuring 9 x 12 inches.

$28 at The Spoon Sisters.


A Mixing Bowl Designed to Stay Put

Img72m All-Clad's new Mixing Bowl with Base is designed to stay put during bouts of extreme whisking. The round-bottomed stainless steel bowl attaches by suction at any angle to the silicone base (and can be used off the base as a double boiler).

While this certainly beats the old trick of putting a damp kitchen towel under your bowl to keep it in place, innovation doesn't come cheap. The bowl retails for $70 (3 quart size) and $90 (5 quart size) at Williams Sonoma.


Chefs Dish About Their Favorite Pots and Pans

Chef Heston Blumenthal's cast-iron Staub casserole is so dear to him that he even takes it with him on vacation.

Food Writer Michael Ruhlman Launches Cooking Tools

All-Strain-set-of-3@5401 Not content to just write books and articles, maintain a popular blog and website, and build cooking apps for smartphones, food writer Michael Ruhlman is now branching out into cookware with a series of cooking tools he has personally developed.

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Boomerang Wok

GetDynamicImage.aspx Royal VKB's Boomerang Wok has a patented cupped edge that is designed for ease of turning ingredients while stir-frying (and keeping everything inside the pan).

According to Royal VKB, the pan has been designed so that even larger pieces of food, like a fish filet, can be turned easily and deftly with one hand by pushing the spatula toward the end of the pan opposite the handle.

Aluminum with Teflon coating. 32 cm diameter. $144.90 at Switch Modern.


A Cutting Board for Apple Fans


Apple fans might appreciate the sleek design of the Apfelbrett Pro, a cutting board which mimics an Apple MacBook Pro. Naturally, it's made out of apple tree wood.

Available in three sizes for approximately $78 to $96 at thismade.

Via Swiss Miss.


A Stand-Up Rice Paddle

M_86452This is kind of genius. The Standing Rice Scoop solves the conundrum of where to put the rice paddle after you've served rice.

Put an ordinary paddle back in the pot, and the cover remains ajar, letting the rice cool and dry out. But, leave the paddle out, and you'll get sticky rice on the table. Instead, this brilliant standing paddle from Japan stands upright, so you can completely re-seal your rice pot and keep your table clean. Brilliant.

Made of polypropylene, with an embossed surface to prevent sticking. Dishwasher-safe. $8.00 at MoMA.


Cook Like a Caveman

Find your inner culinary caveman with the Homo Sapiens Kitchen Tool.

More than just a brute rock, this twist on the most ancient of cooking gadgets does more than just your basic pounding and crushing. Its multifaceted surface provides a flattened edge for honing a knife, while a textured surface on the other side can be used for grating ginger or garlic.

Made of sandstone with a leather loop for stowing along the wall of your cave kitchen. Dishwasher-safe too! $39.99 at ThinkGeek.


Gadget Mashups: The FoodPod

Foodpod This futuristic-looking FoodPod manages to cross boil-in-a-bag cuisine with a strainer, steamer, and a bouquet garni.

According to the manufacturer, FusionFoods, the device will save "time and water when preparing a meal, keeps foods together for easy removal and even cooking and acts as a strainer, reserving the cooking liquid." With a 1.75 quart capacity, FusionFoods says it can hold up to a dozen large eggs or several heads of broccoli.

The FoodPod is made of dishwasher-safe silicone and nylon and has a built-in clip for attaching to the side of the pot and for use as a handle to yank it out of the water at the end of cooking.

$15 at the A+R Store.