Bruce Willis Sued Over Wine Stain

Bruce Willis has been hit with a lawsuit after returning a $27,000 rug that he refused to pay for and was stained with red wine. Via coldmud.


The Baby Food Diet

Big in Hollywood: The "baby good cleanse," a diet favored by Jennifer Aniston and other actors that involves eating 14 small portions of pureed foods per day followed by dinner.


Naomi Campbell's Secret Slimming Cocktail

Model Naomi Campbell has subsisted for as long as 18 days on nothing more than a cocktail of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and water.


Down Home Cookin'

Katie Lee dishes about Jamie Oliver and noshing in her hometown of Huntington, WV.

The Batali Diet

Eat more vegetables and leave half on the plate. "If you get a portion in a restaurant you take half away immediately and you'd be surprised, you're full anyway." From Slashfood.

HuffPo: Gwyneth's Goop Scrutinized

The Huffington Post has questions about Gwyneth Paltrow's latest Goop: why is she making a Vietnamese salad two weeks into a three-week juice cleanse? Why is she sleeveless in January (and making a refreshing salad, to boot)? And, where's her red kabbalah bracelet? And, you were worried about the fate of health care reform.


Celebrity Food Science Debunked

The London Times debunks the food science claims of celebrities, including pop singer Fergie's espousal of "vinegar shots."