Justin Timberlake in Talks for Resto Critic Role

Justin Timberlake is in talks to play a restaurant critic for New York magazine in a new romantic comedy called The Last Drop. Real New York critic Adam Platt offers advice.

Actor Robin Williams Selling His Napa Estate

Robin Williams is selling his 20,000 square foot Napa villa, which includes a vineyard that supplies grapes to Robert Craig for his Mt Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Liz Taylor Diet

Eat like Liz. Lots of peanut butter, bacon, sour cream, and cottage cheese.


"Entourage" Star to Launch Wine Label

"Entourage" actor Adrian Grenier is set to launch a wine called "Stomping Ground" in December.


Wahlburgers, The TV Show

Not only is Mark Wahlberg creating a Boston burger joint called Wahlburger, it may just become the basis for a reality show as well.


Ridiculous Celebrity Food Endorsements

Ridiculous celebrity food endorsements, from Heidi Klum-branded candies to Young MC cheese curls.

Jeremy Irons as Howard Beale in UN Hunger Campaign


To promote its new anti-hunger campaign, 1billionhungry.org, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has enlisted actor Jeremy Irons to appear in a video that evokes the raging newsman Howard Beale in Sidney Lumet's classic 1976 film Network.

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Madonna Enjoys Mile-High Macrobiotics

On a recent flight from New York to London, Madonna reportedly took along a private chef to cook her macrobiotic meals in the air.


David Alan Grier, Comedian and Food Blogger

Comedian David Alan Grier has a food blog, where he blogs about making pork rillettes, short ribs, and other dishes under the pen name "Chocolate Glutton."

What the Great Ate

A new book profiles the food fetishes of famous people, from Angelina Jolie to Jackie Gleason, who preferred his pot roast with a scoop of ice cream served on top.