German Blue Cheese is World Champ

A German blue cheese beat out nearly 4,000 competitors at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, England.


Britain's "Blingiest" Cheese

Made from premium white Stilton "shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf and real gold liqueur," Long Clawson Dairy's limited run cheese -- proclaimed Britain's "blingiest" -- will cost you £60 a slice (about $95). Via @gastropoda.


Israel, Protests, and Cottage Cheese

Dramatic increases in the price of cottage cheese sparked (curdled?) protests in Israel over the weekend.


Wrapping Paper for Your Parmigiano


With Formaticum's Cheese Papers, you can wrap your cheese just like a cheesemonger. The coated two-ply papers allow cheese to breathe, unlike non-porous plastic wrap which can speed deterioration. The white sheets are printed with a map of U.S. cheese producers. A package of 15 11x14 sheets, plus 15 adhesive labels, is $7.50 at


The Five Percent Solution

Total5150gI've long been a fan of Total yogurt, the strained yogurt imported from Greece. It's thick, dense, creamy, and delicious. The 2% fat version is what I eat almost every day. The non-fat yogurt is a little too chalky for my taste, and I save the full-fat version (which contains a whopping 20 grams of fat per container) for special occasions, like a planting a big spoonful on top of fresh berries. But, I just discovered another version, Total 5%, which may just be the perfect yogurt. It's almost as creamy as full-fat Total, but without being a fat bomb (it contains 8 grams of fat), and it weighs in at only 130 calories per container.


Better Butter

Plugraclarifiedbutter One thing I learned from my dishwashing days at Bette's Diner (aside from proper latke-making technique), is the usefulness of clarified butter. It has a very high smoking point, so you can bring your pan to high temperatures to make the perfect omelette without risk of burning your butter. It's not hard to find the stuff in an Indian grocery (sold as ghee), but I recently spotted Plugrá Clarified Butter, a clarified version of the European-style butter. $5.99 for a 12 ounce jar at Gourmet Garage (or find a store near you).