In Florence, Bartering for Dinner

At a new restaurant in Florence, Italy, called "L'e' Maiala" -- named after a Tuscan saying for "hard times" -- customers may barter for meals in exchange for vegetables and used goods.


All You Can Eat? Maybe Not

Two men were barred from an all-you-can-eat Mongolian restaurant in the UK because they ate too much food.

Recycling "Olive Oil Waste" into Energy Drinks

"Waste" from the olive oil production process could be used to create antioxidant-rich energy drinks.

Meal-Planning Services Aid Harried Cooks

Meal-planning services outsource the hassle of creating menus, finding recipes, and devising shopping lists.

Tricks of the Trade

A French website details the many techniques waiters use -- from serving peanuts to listing wines in a certain order to clearing plates quickly -- in order to get you to spend more money.


Cup of (Cold) Noodles

As Japan braces for a grueling summer and possible power shortages, Nissin Foods Holdings Co -- Japan's top maker of instant ramen noodles -- is launching a chilled instant noodle product that is to be prepared by mixing in copious amounts of ice.


Food Buskers

To differentiate themselves from the competition, some British street food purveyors add a bit of performance to their menu.


Bullish on Bunnies

Shares of Annie's Inc (BNNY.N), producers of the bunny-shaped mac and cheese and snack crackers, soared 64 percent during their market debut on Wednesday.


Target Pledges 100% Sustainable, Traceable Fish By 2015

Target, the second largest discount retailer in the U.S., has pledged that it will sell only sustainable, traceable fish by 2015.


Chinese Authorities Shut Wal-Mart Stores for Pork Fraud

Chinese authorities have ordered Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to temporarily close some stores after accusing it of fraudulently labeling ordinary pork as more-expensive organic pork.