Edible Vistas


Using ingredients like poppy seeds, chocolate, coffee, and milk, Eszter Burghardt creates miniature landscapes and shoots them with a macro lens. Her "Edible Vistas" are meant to evoke the landscapes of Iceland and the impact of global warming on melting ice caps.

Read an interview with Burghardt here.


The Art of Old Food

Rotten food landscapes by Estonian artist Heikki Leis.


Food Art: Designer Sushi


Created by the international advertising agency I&S BBDO, "design nori" is a series of laser-cut seaweed for rolling sushi featuring designs that evoke the patterns of cherry blossoms, water drops, and tortoise shell (among other objects). The project was commissioned to encourage the sale of nori following the 2011 tsunami, when seaweed consumption fell among the Japanese.

While "design nori" is currently only available for sale at limited locations in Japan, larger-scale production is possible in the future.


A Palette for Your Palate


Pantone color swatches, recreated as fruit-filled tarts.


Food Jobs: Cheese Sculptor

Cheese sculpting has become a full-time job for artist Sarah Kaufmann.


In the Sentient Kitchen

Christine Chin's disturbing "Sentient Kitchen" project "examines the convergence between technology and biology" by creating conceptual kitchen supplies that integrate human organs.


Miniature Food Rings


SouZouCreations' Food Rings feature extremely detailed miniature plates of of food set on adjustable silver tone bands. Pictured here is a dish of uni and tobiko sushi with soy sauce and a cup of green tea. Other designs -- made from plastic, glass, metal, and ceramics -- feature everything from traditional Japanese dishes to breakfast and dessert.

$10 to $12.50 each at the SouZouCreations etsy shop.


Making Sculpture from Fish Skins

An artist in residence at London's Pied à Terre restaurant, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva uses kitchen cast-offs to create sculptures.


Food Ink: Kitchen Utensil Temporary Tattoos


Tattly's Kitchen Utensil Temporary Tattoos feature hand-drawn illustrations of a knife, whisk, wine opener, and box grater.

$5 for a two sets of tattos at Tattly.


Food and Art

The owners of Pied à Terre, a two-star Michelin restaurant in London's Fitzrovia district, have taken the food and art concept a step further by appointing an artist-in-residence.