The Dos and Don'ts of Kids and Dining

Some Dos and Don'ts for parents and non-parents when it comes to the delicate matter of kids in restaurants.


A Restaurant Blog for Discerning Diners With Kids

Screen shot 2010-08-11 at 2.37.43 PM My friend Jessica Ritz (she of the Los Angeles-based food blog Ritz Bites) has just launched Taster Tots LA, a great new restaurant blog covering the Los Angeles restaurant scene from the perspective of food-obsessed parents who want to dine out (and eat well) with their kids.

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Match and Munch

From the Department of Tools for Playing With Your Food: Match & Munch sandwich cutters that will turn your kid's PB&J into an interlocking puzzle. The same company also makes Critter Cutters, which transform a sandwich into elephants, dogs, butterflies, and dolphins.

$16.95 for a set of four puzzle shapes at The Spoon Sisters.


Shovel It In

construction utensils
These kids eating utensils brings new meaning to playing with your food. The Constructive Eating utensil set includes a "Fork Lift" Fork, "Bulldozer" Pusher, and "Front Loader" Spoon. The utensils are designed with textured handles, made with PVC-free, phthalate-free plastic, and are dishwasher safe. $19.95 at The Spoon Sisters.


A Modest Proposal (on Behalf of Babies)

What if fancy restaurants designated an early, once per week "baby seating" so that families could dine without guilt (of annnoying others) and everyone else could dine in peace?