Molecular Wine Pairing

At the Wine & Culinary International Forum in Barcelona, sommeliers learn science of molecular food and wine matching.

Japanese Trio Accused of Killing, Barbecueing, and Currying Victim

Three men who allegedly barbecued and curried the remains of a man they killed are being held by Japanese authorities.

Romania: "Eastern Europe's New Bordeaux?"

Romania is the sixth-largest wine grower in the European Union and proponents say its 180,000 hectares of vineyards, unique soil, unusual grapes, and inexpensive costs make it "a producer to watch."

All You Can Eat? Maybe Not

Two men were barred from an all-you-can-eat Mongolian restaurant in the UK because they ate too much food.

Bond on Beer Product Placement

Actor Daniel Craig is defending the decision to swap out (shaken, not stirred) martinis for product placement Heineken beer in the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall.


Most Fattening Travel Destinations

According to a recent survey of British travelers and weight gain on vacation, visitors to Greece put on the most pounds (3.3 pounds during a 10-day visit), while the U.S. ranked fourth. On the other hand, travelers to Ireland, Canada, and Germany found that they lost weight.

"Vomiting Virus" Strikes German Schoolchildren

Over 8,500 kids in Germany have contracted a "vomiting virus" as an outbreak has spread in schools and daycare centers. Health officials are blaming a food-borne virus, possibly from food served in cafeterias to the children.

Smackdowns: Nigella vs. Nonna

The Daily Mail brought in an Italian professional cook and a nonna to test drive Nigella Lawson's new Italian cookbook, Nigellissima, and they were not impressed. Via eater.

Recycling "Olive Oil Waste" into Energy Drinks

"Waste" from the olive oil production process could be used to create antioxidant-rich energy drinks.

Chocolate Makes Snails Smarter

A a recent experiment, a University of Calgary student discovered that the flavonoid epicatechin found in dark chocolate improved their memories of pond snails.