Nine Meals a Day

The secret to cutting cholesterol could be eating nine meals a day.

Canada Cracks Cheese Smuggling Ring

Charges are expected soon against Canadian police officers alleged to have been involved in the movement of caseloads of cheese from the U.S. to sell to Canadian pizzerias and restaurants.

Child Obesity and "Blunted" Taste

New research suggests that obese children have less sensitive taste-buds, and this "blunted" ability to taste may be causing an excessive intake of food.

Bees Eat Less, Live Longer When Given Red Wine Compound

Researchers have found that when given resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, bees consumed less food and lived longer..

eBay Pulls Alcohol Listings

eBay says it will begin removing listings for beer and liquor from its site after a teen working with "20/20" successfully ordered vodka from two eBay vendors.

Fictitious Dishes

Depicting meals from famous novels. Via coudal.

Food Blotter: Beer 911

A drunken Florida man called 911 to accuse his daughter of assault because she wouldn't get him more beer.

Olive Oil Prices Surge

The wholesale price of olive oil surged 62% in the three months after a severe drought in Spain, the world's largest olive oil producer.

Low Fat, High Calorie

A new study finds that many "low fat" foods have very similar calorie counts to standard products.

Mile High Wines

Not all wines are suited for drinking at high altitudes.