Summer Break

We're taking a break from posting this week and next. See you in July!


Economic Indicators: Canned Beer Boom

Almost 53 percent of the beer consumed in 2011 was served in cans, up from a low of 48 percent in the years leading to the economic slump that began in December 2007.


Manufacturing the Flavor of Street Food

Powdered Korean tacos, anyone? Synergy, a manufacturer and supplier of flavors and yeast extracts, is launching street food-inspired seasoning blends for snack foods.


Coffee Shop Creativity

Researchers find that the typical coffee shop's moderate amount of background noise is just enough distraction to allow people to "think more imaginatively."


Tea Service Gets a Makeover

Visiting London's trendiest modern tea houses.


Meet Me at the "British Buttery"

A food tour of the 1939 World's Fair.


A Short History of Disco Robert Waiters

Remembering the disco-blasting robot waiters of 1980s Pasadena. Via coudal.


Aerosol Alcohol

The WA/HH spray, which has just gone on sale in France, offers a spritz of alcohol when you "have the occasional need of light-headedness."


Hailstorm Destroys Champagne Vineyards

One of the worst hailstorms in recorded Champagne history hit the southern Côte des Bar region, destroying this year's grape crop. A third of next year’s harvest will also likely be lost due to damage to the vines from the storm.


Eye Tracking and Nutrition Labels

Developments in eye tracking research could offer industry insights in how to improve nutrition labels.