Ship Beer, Save the USPS

The latest proposal to save the financially strapped United States Postal Service would allow it to ship beer and wine, overturning a law that dates from the Prohibiton era.


South Africa's ANC Bans Cake

South Africa's ruling party has decided its senior members should only eat cake in private amid fears it could appear elitist.


Food Art: Designer Sushi


Created by the international advertising agency I&S BBDO, "design nori" is a series of laser-cut seaweed for rolling sushi featuring designs that evoke the patterns of cherry blossoms, water drops, and tortoise shell (among other objects). The project was commissioned to encourage the sale of nori following the 2011 tsunami, when seaweed consumption fell among the Japanese.

While "design nori" is currently only available for sale at limited locations in Japan, larger-scale production is possible in the future.


In Praise of Alliums

In the Guardian, onion recipes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.