Study: For Better Foie Gras, Less Overfeeding

A new study by French researchers that the best quality duck livers came from ducks that had a shorter period of overfeeding and whose livers were still active making and storing fats.


Alice Waters Brings Her Organic Foods Mission to China

Alice Waters organized an elaborate dinner at the U.S. embassy in China meant to inspire eating organic and sustainable foods.


Cooking Without Recipes

The author of the new book Cooking Without Recipes wants you to be free from "the shackles of someone else's instructions."


Social Media Users "Love" Beer

According to a a new social media analytics report, 77% of all opinions on social media about popular beer brands were positive. The report did not indicate whether users were drunk-tweeting at the time of the analysis.


Britain's "Blingiest" Cheese

Made from premium white Stilton "shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf and real gold liqueur," Long Clawson Dairy's limited run cheese -- proclaimed Britain's "blingiest" -- will cost you £60 a slice (about $95). Via @gastropoda.


“Foraging is Treasure Hunting"

The New Yorker goes foraging with Noma chef René Redzepi.


A Hot Dog Boom in L.A.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a "hot dog renaissance" in L.A.


Dining Editor Pete Wells Named Times Restaurant Critic

New York Times Dining Editor Pete Wells has been named the newspaper's chief restaurant critic. Susan Edgerley, former metropolitan editor, will take over leadership of the Dining section.


Study: Beer Offers Same Cardiovascular Benefits as Wine

Italian scientists have found that drinking one to two pints of beer per day provides the same cardiovascular benefits as drinking a glass or two of red wine.


"Entourage" Star to Launch Wine Label

"Entourage" actor Adrian Grenier is set to launch a wine called "Stomping Ground" in December.