Bullish on Greek Yogurt

Sales of Greek yogurt have increased 2500% over the past five years. The Atlantic investigates.


Chez Panisse, the T-Shirt

Dave-Eggers As Chez Panisse's 40-year anniversary celebration revs up, Levi's has partnered with Alice Waters and a number of notable writers and artists -- David Byrne, Maira Kalman, Dave Eggers (pictured here), and Sofia Coppola -- to create a series of limited edition  t-shirts.

Naturally (no pun intended), the shirts are 100% organic cotton and feature plantable letterpressed hang-tags on handmade paper embedded with organic seeds. Proceeds help support Waters' Edible Schoolyard organization, which promotes garden and kitchen education in grade-schools.

$30 each at Levi's.


Jury Convicts Mother for Hot Sauce Punishment

An Alaska jury has convicted a woman of child abuse for punishing her adopted son by squirting hot sauce into his mouth.


Human Rights Watch: "Dismal" Conditions for Workers at South African Wineries

According to an investigation by Human Rights Watch, South Africa's winery workers endure dismal conditions including on-site housing unfit for habitation, exposure to pesticides without proper safety equipment, lack of access to toilets or drinking water while working, and barriers to union representation.


Gary Vaynerchuck: No More Daily Wine Videos

An end of an era? Wine video pioneer Gary Vaynerchunk announces his retirement from making daily wine videos.


Gilt Taste Launches Wine Sales

Gilt Taste will now sell wine in addition to gourmet specialty products.


Alligator Fat: The New Biofuel?

Scientists have identified a new and unlikely raw material for fuel: Alligator fat.


Bakers with Cork

Crate & Barrel's new Bakers with Cork line of white stoneware baking dishes nest in cork liners for bringing hot dishes directly from oven to table. Bakeware is dishwasher safe. Made in Portugal.

$24.95 for the square baker, $29.95 for the rectangular baker, and $39.95 for the lidded oval casserole at Crate & Barrel.


The Bone-in Ribeye, Deconstructed

For a thoroughly cooked rib-eye and a nicely charred bone, cut the bone off the meat and grill them separately says Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport.


Domino's Gets "Artisanal"

Domino's is apparently roling out a new "artisan pizza." The pizzas will be rectangular, rolled out with a rolling pin, and deivered in boxes hand-signed by whoever made it.