The Climber: Wine for the Outdoor Oenephile

ClimberPouchWine Not only do the folks behind Clif Bars own a winery (who knew?), they've also launched a new boxed (pouched?) wine aimed at the outdoor oenophile.

The Clif Family Winery's Climber pouch, filled with either Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, is billed as being environmentally sound (the packagaing offers an "80 percent lower carbon footprint" over glass). And when it comes to drinking while hiking, the pouch features a hole in the top made for clipping with a carabiner.

$17 (1.5 liters) at Clif Family Winery.



Just a tip. If you are going to spain this summer in most of the Rioja storewine you can buy 5 litres of wine in similar recipient and is much cheaper and dont alterate at all the wine flavour.


Wow great things greatfully interesting!


I'm not sure drinking while hiking is all that great of an idea, maybe you should wait til you're done for the day. I mean have you seen 127 hours? What if that guy had been drinking? Just saying.


i agree with you on that , thanks for you share with us


Good post on the "The Best Chocolate Cake in the World." It sounds like you had quite the adventure.


All right - where can I buy some in Canada??


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