Global Warming Bring Olives to UK

Due to global warming, British farmers are experimenting with crops such as olives and nectarines which have typically been imported from warmer areas in southern Europe. Britain's first British tea plantation has even cropped up.


In Praise of Lemon Sorbet

Booze? Egg whites? How to achieve lemon sorbet perfection.


Man Jailed After Drunken Cooking Bout Causes Fire

A Pennsylvania man was jailed on charges of reckless endangerment and resisting arrest after police say he passed out drunk while cooking and caused a small fire.


Bullish on Donuts

On its first day of trading, shares of Dunkin' Donuts parent Dunkin' Brands Group Inc soared to $27.50.


EU Proposes Limits on Bloated Bacon

New EU rules are being proposed that would limit added water in bacon to 5%.


Lactic Fashion

German biologist and fashion designer Anke Domaske has created clothes made out of spoiled milk.


Gadget Concept Measures Water As it Flows

A concept for a gadget that measures the amount of water dispensed as it flows from a kitchen faucet.


White Wine Sells for Record $117,000

A bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem sold for a record-setting $117,000.


Corn Meets Cast Iron

In the New York Times, a minimalist corn pudding, but not by that Minimalist guy.


Branch Out


Toolives salad servers are made from pruned olive tree branches sourced from Turkey's Anatolia region -- "one of the oldest olive tree cultivation spots in the world" according to the Museum of Modern Art. They are offered exclusively as part of MoMA's Destination: Istanbul collection highlighting lifestyle products from Turkey. The branches are hand-turned to create a smooth surface. Hand-wash only.

$35 at MoMA.