In Defense of GM Food

Defending the benefits of genetical modified agriculture.



could care less whether there are some souls out there not wary of GM food. What I care about is MY consumption of GM food. I am not asking for a ban on it (although I would love one, dam monsanto) but only for full disclosure of it so that those who would eat it, can; and those who would not, won't.

This article sites fear of GM as debilitating to reason as religion et al. I see the roughshod way of "making" us accept it as a new english reformation and I'm not joining the roundheads, simply because I do not like their "we know what's best for you" methodology.

Frozen hamburger went through the same fear and argument. The solution? Offer both, and if safe, eventually enough brave souls will try it and prove to the wary that it is safe as well as cheap. No one forced frozen meat on the edwardians and they shouldn't force GM food on us now. Force is Force and is always wrong...especially when done "for our own good" without our own input.

Bogus article written by a hack in the GM camp.


Geez it is as torturing as to learn to sing. I agree with bareheadedwoman "they shouldn't force GM food on us now. Force is Force"!

Go bareheadedwoman


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